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Kos Transport

  Kos Taxi's

As you would expect Taxies are available throughout Kos the taxi vehicles are Mercedes no more that 5 to 6 years old, with most vehicles have air conditioning. Each taxi carries 1 - 4 persons and up to 4 reasonably sized suitcases. Prices are the same throughout 24 hours.

Taxis can be flagged as normal pre booked, telephoned or picked up at a Rank. Taxi prices to the more popular resorts are published by the Taxi companies, these are set early in the year and apply to cars that are flagged down or picked up at a rank. Cars Pre-Booked by phone or internet will be more expensive, as will those ordered by telephone from a restaurant or hotel for example.

Kos Transport

Kos Busses

Like all Greek island bus services, the busses are dusty uncomfortable, and have no air-conditioning that said they are however efficient and generally run to schedule. Run by KTEL the busses link most villages on the island and the airport. The service is inexpensive and popular with both visitors and locals.

As normal during the peak holiday season certain busses can get very crowded, so plan your trips accordingly, KTEL appear to be quite happy however to add additional busses to a route if it would appear that the services are busy. So don't be surprised when standing at a bus stop and the bus goes straight past because it's full.

Kos Transport

  Kos Vehicle Hire

Scooters, ATVs and cars can be hired from many places thoughout Kos Island. There is an agreed island-wide tariff that is applied by all retailers, so there is no room for negotiation apart from when you require a rental of 3 days or more.
CDW and Fuel is not included in the price. To rent a car or a scooter, you need to be 21 years old (Hertz and Avis, you need to be 25) and hold a driving license valid for the vehicle.