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Tigaki Village Kos

Tigaki or (Tingaki) Village is located on the northan coast of Kos, roughly 10.5 Km from Kos Town, and about 16Km from Kos Island International ('Hippocrates') Airport, with a permanent population of around 250, Tigaki is very much a holiday resort. Tigaki has one main road which is bordered on both sides by restaurants, apartments and hotels.
Over the past decade the area has undergone substantial commercial tourist development, especially along the long sandy coastline. Despite the development the area is still fairly laid back and peaceful, along the coast to the west are the disused salt pans (Alikes) now a protected area that supports a wide variety of bird life.

Tigaki has various types of accommodation available, with the all inclusive resorts slightly to the west in Marmari. The wide expanse of sandy beach is one of the best on Kos island, stretching from Marmari in the west towards Kos town in the East, the water is shallow and ideal for families with small children.

Tigaki Village Kos

Between October and May the evening temperatures can get quite low and it is advisable to bring cardigans, jackets even a light raincoat is advisable, August is known as the month of the "Melteme" an annual northerly wind that not only keeps the humidity low and cools the island, but also attracts many windsurfer's to the Island.

If you find the atmosphere a little too relaxed in Tigaki then Kos Town is an easy bus ride away, but remember that the last bus can get quite crowded, and a Taxi can be quite expensive.

Apart from the beach and water sports there is little more to do in Tigaki, to the west near Marmari you will find some stables, a water park and a go-cart track. Car Hire and 4X4 are readily available throughout the village, and there are various tour providers along the main road though the village.
The local Bakery on the back road is superb for cakes and pastries, and of course bread, other than that there are a number of small supermarkets along the main road.

Tigaki Village Kos

With wide beaches and an ample supply of sun loungers for hire along the beach front, Tigaki tends to be where many people from all over the island spend their day. During the peak season, the beach side taverns, and restaurants get quite busy for both breakfast and at lunch times, especially between 1:00 and 3:00 pm.