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Kos Airport

Kos International ('Hippocrates') Airport (KGS) is located near to Andimachia village on the south western side of the Island. The Airport is about 27 kilometers from Kos town. Buses are available into Kos Town, and taxis are normally found directly outside the terminal. Hire cars are available locally.

The airport one Main Terminal, and caters for over 30 airlines. Flight time from the UK is a little under 3 hours.

Kos International is a fairly typical Greek island air terminal, with a bus to take you across the tarmac, into the arrivals hall.
The arrivals area is very small with limited immigration facilities, as you pass though immigration into the baggage collection area there are two/three luggage belts.
Facilities are very limited and consist a small tourist information booth and shop area.
To the right of the exit doors are car hire booths.

Kos Airport

The main problems at Kos airport are experienced during departure. Kos is probably one of the worst airports in Greece, and for an island that is heavily dependant on tourism, very little attention has been given to the Airport.
Basically the 1980's airport struggles to cope with the passenger numbers and today's security requirements, despite a renovation and expansion of the terminal building in 1997. To be fair to the staff they cope exceedingly well, they are normally pleasant and try to help when they can.
The departures area is too small, and it is the norm to que outside the airport for check-in. Information boards are scarce, almost non existent in the departure lounges, those that are there rarely operate. In the departure lounges the waiting areas are very small with insufficient seating, air conditioning and poor facilities.
There are no good points about the airport, and no easy way to get around the problem. Independent travelers will find it far easier to travel via Athens rather than direct.

Kos Airport

Public toilets are available in the lower level of the baggage re-claim area (steps adjacent the tourist information booth). Luggage facilities although limited tend to work quite well. Luggage reclaim whilst small is fairly fast and uneventful. Customs declaration is almost non existent.