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Kos Town

The largest town to be found on Kos, and the islands capital, Kos Town is located on the northeast coast. Kos is third largest island of the Dodecanese, and the 2nd most populated. Almost half of the population of the island of Kos both live and work within Kos Town, although currently there is a trend for families working in the town to purchase houses in the nearby village of Zipari due to the overcrowding and property costs associated with living in the Town.
Kos town has been the capital of the island since 366BC and has seen occupation from Romans, Italian, German and Turkish during it's history, you don't need to travel far within the town to come across archaeological remains and buildings influenced by these. By far the most obvious of all the archaeological remains found within the city is the 15th century, Castle of the Knights of St. John, that provides a protective watch over Kos Harbor.

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The Asklepeion

Surrounded by pine woods Asklepion is one of the most important monuments on the island of Kos but one of the least well known, situated on a pine wood covered slope facing the coast of Asia Minor. Although only 3.5kms north west of Kos Town The Asklepion remained buried for over 1000 years, following the earthquake in AD 555 and was not officially re-discovered until the early 20th century.
It was discovered by the German archaeologist Rudolf Herzog in 1902, with substantial assistance from local historian Iakovos Zarraftis. This followed a publication in 1891, of an Egyptian papyrus by Herondas.
Excavations started in 1902 until 1905, after which little more was done, until excavations resumed in the 1930s under the Italian Archaeological mission to Kos carried out by Laurenzi and Morricone along with some restoration works. A complex of Roman baths, Temples and an altar with most objects found at from the digs being taken to Rome and Constantinople.

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Surrounded by agricultural land and olive groves, Tigaki village is situated on the North Coast of Kos Island. A relaxed tourist destination, the village is small, and spread out along each side of it's main road. The village has a number of small hotels and apartments scattered around the main road area and along the beach front. Restaurants, bars and cafe follow down the length of the main road and along the wide sandy beachfront.

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